PoolParty 6.0 brings the Most Complete Semantic Middleware to the Global Market

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by Angela Guess

A recent press release reports, “PoolParty, the renowned semantic middleware solution, is out with a set of groundbreaking new features. PoolParty 6 as enterprise software platform means: a rich and comprehensive set of functionalities at the fingertips of your organization and knowledge engineers. It’s now easier than ever to leverage large and complex data sets and achieve a 360-degree view of it. PoolParty is a world-class semantic technology suite that offers sharply focused solutions to your knowledge organization and content business. With the new release we introduce the all new Semantic Middleware Configurator, a unique control center for configuring and connecting to indexing engines, linked data sources, and several graph databases. Additionally this release provides extended data transformation pipelines, improved text mining, search and analytics capabilities as well as additional language support.”

The release continues, “The PoolParty 6 release will drastically improve the benefits of its semantic middleware suite for knowledge engineers and organizations that build on large and diverse data repositories. The new release focuses and improves in the areas of agile data integration, high-precision text mining, configurable semantic search, and graph-based data analytics. In addition to the new Semantic Middleware Configurator, your control center for linked data management,  PoolParty 6 introduces shadow concept extraction which permits the extraction of implicit knowledge from large text repositories. It handles even bigger text corpora and provides you with valuable knowledge semi-automatically.”

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