Role of Data Science in Cyber Security

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Modern Data Science, in its most fundamental form, is all about understanding. It involves studying, processing, and extracting valuable insights from a set of information. Though the word and process have been around for several decades, it was primarily a subset of computer science. Today, it has developed into an independent field and hence, those interested can study and major in it.

It’s an amazing field to study with lots of promising career opportunities and a great many uses.

One modern application of Data Science includes cyber security. It may sound strange to study Data Science with the hopes of improving cyber security, but in reality, it makes a lot of sense, and here’s why.

Relationship between Big Data and Cyber Security

With the application of Data Analytics and several Machine Learning tools, an organization can conduct thorough analysis of collection of information. Professionals can examine data closely to reveal trends, patterns and actionable intel.

For instance, you might find out that all the network attacks in your organization takes place at night, when nobody is in the office. Or, maybe you can learn enough to narrow the probability down to a certain terminal on your network. Besides this, you can use the extracted information to predict potential attacks that can take place in future.

Predictive and Active Intrusion Detection Systems

Cyber security is really a cat-and-mouse game. Hackers and attackers use a range of tools and intrusion styles to gain access. It is here, intrusion detection systems come into use, both of active and preventive variety. These systems monitor users and devices on your network and flags dangerous activity.

Modern Data Science can both enhance and simplify the use of such tools. By feeding present and historical data into a Machine Learning algorithm, this system can precisely detect potential problems. Over time, as such system becomes more precise; it can foretell future attacks and spot various loopholes.

Protecting the Valuable Information

Another concern of a data attack is the loss of extremely valuable data and information, which can be really damaging to your organization. With the use of security measures like highly complex signatures or encryption, you can stop anyone from probing into a dataset. By involving Data Science, you can start to build impenetrable protocols. For example, by analyzing the history of your cyber-attacks, you can develop algorithms to detect the most frequently targeted chunks of data.

Overall, Data Science through effective Analytics Systems help enhance the cyber security industry. It allows IT professionals to come up with more operative, defensive and active measures to prevent cyber-attacks. Online Data Science programs from a reputed institution can help you leverage the power of Data Science to empower networks driven by self-improving algorithms.

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