Advertisement Announces Developer Portal for Istio Service Mesh

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According to a new press release, “, a software company that helps organizations adopt and operate innovative cloud native technologies, today announced the availability of the industry’s first – and only – Istio Developer Portal to streamline the developer onboarding process for improved developer experience and increased productivity with added security features. In the modernization to microservices, APIs and service mesh become increasingly important to the application architecture. For organizations looking to use service mesh in their environment today, nothing exists to efficiently catalog the APIs running in the environment making it difficult to securely enable developers both inside and outside their company to leverage these APIs in their development process.”

The release continues, “ has created the Istio Developer Portal to enable organizations to catalog, manage, and securely publish APIs to a custom branded portal that accelerates onboarding for developers both inside and outside their organization, improving productivity and innovation. Additionally, this release enhances security for Istio with integration to authentication systems, Single Sign-On and API Keys capabilities. ‘We are excited to introduce the first and only Developer Portal for Istio Service Mesh to help make the adoption and use of service mesh, and in particular, Istio, safer and easier,’ said Idit Levine, founder and CEO of ‘With this release, we continue on our mission to help organizations on their cloud-native journey to modernize their critical applications’.”


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