Stardog Launches Innovative Machine Learning In New Release

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by Angela Guess

According to a recent press release out of the company, “Stardog Union, provider of the leading Enterprise Knowledge Graph platform, has launched version 5.0. While the company made substantial performance improvements to its core technology, this new release adds key additions including cloud deployment, Tableau visualization and machine learning. Where similar products have focused on replacing existing enterprise data infrastructure in a ‘rip and replace’ process or remained confined to a raw storage appliance, these new features continue a pattern of Stardog building a comprehensive suite of enterprise tools that answer the challenge of data and infrastructure variety in large organizations. ‘We wanted to take advantage of the combination that only Stardog can offer to the Chief Data Office now; better data together with better algorithms. And we wanted the integration of the two to be as seamless as possible, meaning model training at the level of graph queries,’ says Kendall Clark, CEO and co-founder.”

The release goes on, “The unique thing about Stardog’s machine learning functionality is that it sits on top of the company’s core technology; semantic graph data models and SPARQL-based virtual graphs. Stardog can virtualize data across tens or hundreds of legacy data domains while leaving those databases and assets in place, and the resulting virtual graph creates a ‘master data model’ that enables critical processes, reports and analytics in the enterprise to continue running seamlessly even as data sources and formats inevitably change behind the virtual graph. This same virtual graph capability extends to structured relational data, unstructured document and text data, metadata, and key value stores across the continuously evolving enterprise data landscape.”

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