Vyasa Analytics Introduces Deep Learning Software for Life Sciences and Healthcare

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by Angela Guess

A recent press release reports, “Vyasa Analytics, a provider of deep learning software and analytics for life sciences and healthcare organizations, today announces the launch of Cortex, a secure, highly scalable software platform for collaborative knowledge discovery and data analytics. Cortex applies a range of artificial intelligence approaches (AI) to organizational data, empowering project teams to gain insights and drive better decision making. Using Vyasa’s proprietary Neural Concept Recognition technology, Cortex identifies concepts and their relationships across disparate data sources – often called dark or siloed data – without the need for complex reformatting, integration or warehousing efforts. For life sciences, this includes information about therapeutics, genes, proteins, types of diseases and more. In healthcare, Cortex can help organizations create better diagnoses, reduce readmissions and side effects, understand symptoms, cut costs and increase efficiency.”

Christopher Bouton, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Vyasa, commented, “Organizations generate and consume so much digital data now that it is impossible for knowledge workers to read through all the information relevant to decisions in their daily work… Cortex can identify the patterns and correlations relevant to sets of concepts across disparate data types by recognizing and extracting this information directly from data sources. In the same way that it enables recognition of objects in images, deep learning revolutionizes how we can conduct analytics by making concept recognition in data something that the machine can do for us.”

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