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Clarius Mobile Health Announces Clarius AI, an Ultrasound Platform

By   /  November 23, 2018  /  No Comments

Clarius Mobile Health recently announced the release of their new collective intelligence ultrasound platform. The Clarius AI improves data and image quality, and provides a collaborative platform for both researchers and physicians to label and augment images. The labeled data can then be downloaded into different AI frameworks for training. Trained models would then be deployed as solutions for both the Clarius Cloud and Clarius app, and is made available to doctors around the world.

Dr. Reza Zahiri, the Director of Innovation at Clarius, said, “One of the most challenging aspects of AI in healthcare is the ability to capture quality data that focuses on specific clinical needs. We’re accelerating AI development by making it easy to acquire and label large amounts of data with our scanners and cloud platform.”

Kris Dickie, the Vice President of Research and Development at Clarius, said “AI within ultrasound imaging is still relatively new. It’s a big step forward to be able to acquire and manage massive amounts of data. We’ve started internal projects and partnerships with key collaborators in radiology and point-of-care medicine to build these new tools.”

Read more at PR Newswire.

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