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DrivenBI First to Integrate AutoCAD into Cloud-Native Self-Service BI Platform

By   /  April 18, 2017  /  No Comments

by Angela Guess

According to a recent press release, “DrivenBI, provider of SRK – the only cloud-native self-service BI platform that empowers business professionals without IT’s constant support, today announced the introduction of AutoCAD connectivity to its data preparation utility tool. Adding AutoCAD integration as part of SRK allows CAD designs to connect directly to business data and instantly show how designs impact overall project costs. ‘We are thrilled to see CAD streamlining data analysis processes,’ said Rob Maguire, director of the AutoCAD product line. ‘Quick access to insights will help companies make strategic decisions around resource allocation, innovation and IT investments allowing them to drive greater cost savings and productivity’.”

The release goes on, “AutoCAD is computer-aided drafting software used to ‘make anything.’ Used across a range of industries, by architects, project managers, engineers, graphic designers and other professionals, AutoCAD helps create blueprints for buildings, bridges, layouts for stores, and computer chips, among other things. ‘This is the first such integration of this type, and it can have enormous applicability in a variety of markets,’ said Ben Tai, CEO of DrivenBI. ‘Integrating BI and AutoCAD can have immeasurable influence on the future of warehousing, material handling, logistics and the science of arranging space’.”

It continues, “The idea to automate sourcing useful data from AutoCAD designs and incorporating it into business analysis came from one of the largest supermarket chain operators in Asia. The supermarket faced the challenge of version control and manual information gathering. Now, with the AutoCAD integration capability of SRK, any changes in designs are instantly available for analysis, reflecting the cost impact in real-time. With instant information access, the supermarket can better plan floor, store and display layout, to streamline shelf stocking and ultimately sell more products.”

Read more at PRweb.

Photo credit: DrivenBI

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