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New Alliance Forms to Better Deal with the Security Concerns of the Industrial IoT

By   /  August 24, 2017  /  No Comments

The press release stated that, “New Context, a Lean Security company that automates the orchestration, governance, and protection of critical infrastructure, recently forged a strategic alliance with Pinn Technologies, a software company dedicated to solving the hardest problems governments, financial institutions, and internet companies face in attributing identity through artificial intelligence (AI). Through this alliance, the firms will develop products for critical infrastructure, addressing concerns for real-time availability, malware threats, and identity challenges centered around human attribution and machine attestation.”

And it continued with, “’The greatest systemic risk to enterprises and nation states is the fact that human identity on the internet is tied to a simple username and password,” stated Will Summerlin, CEO, Pinn Technologies. “A password which can be lost, stolen, guessed, or phished. It’s no surprise that 81% of data breaches in 2016 were perpetrated using stolen passwords. Pinn’s attribution platform provides enterprises and nation states with an alternative mechanism for attributing the identity of humans on the internet.’”

And, “’Businesses must be able to protect critical infrastructure from cyberattacks by guaranteeing attribution and authentication of all devices and people on their networks,” stated Daniel Riedel, CEO, New Context. “With the decreasing effectiveness of traditional security measures, attribution and attestation have never been more important than they are now.’”

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