Learning Plan: Modeling Data as Graphs

DATAVERSITY Online Training – Professional Education at Your Convenience Learning Plan Price: $599Individual Course Price: $169Learning Plan CEUs: 6.0 hours In the Modeling Data as Graphs Learning Plan, instructor Thomas Frisendal introduces Graph Data Architectures and Graph Data Modeling issues. He does so by taking you into specific scenarios for graph technology application. In this […]

Next-Generation Data Management Platform Solidatus Innovates the Marketplace

The London-based platform Solidatus helps organizations digitally map, manage, and monetize their data using a lineage-first approach, which has proven extremely successful: Last year, Solidatus more than doubled in size, quadrupled its revenue, was awarded the “Best Data Governance Solution” by Data Management Insights, and expanded into new sectors such as aerospace, manufacturing, telecommunications, and […]

Graphic Art Facilitation at the DG Vision 2019 Conference

We invited Hannah Sanford from Hannah Sanford Studios to DATAVERSITY®’s inaugural DG Vision conference on December 9-12, 2019, in Washington, D.C. Hannah has worked with us at many conferences over the years, creating her illustrations of key presentations throughout each event. Her graphic facilitations are always popular with conference attendees and provide an eye-catching, visual […]

“What is…?”: Build Your Own Bundle

DATAVERSITY Online Training – Professional Education at Your Convenience Individual Course Price: $49 Purchase 2-5 Courses: 10% discount Purchase 6-10 Courses: 15% discount Purchase 11+ Courses: 20% discount The “What is…?” series of introductory data courses are designed to be short, informational trainings that give a topic-focused overview for the non-data professional. This option enables […]

Learning Plan: Next- Generation Data Governance

DATAVERSITY Online Training – Professional Education at Your Convenience Learning Plan Price: $599Individual Course Price: $99Learning Plan CEUs: 7.0 hours The Next-Generation Data Governance Learning Plan presents the next stage in Data Governance. Instructor Kelle O’Neal builds on the information and techniques of foundational Data Governance, while educating and enabling Data Governance professionals along their […]

Graphic Art Recordings at Enterprise Data World 2019

For the fourth year in a row, Hannah Sanford of Hannah Sanford Studios wowed the crowd at the Enterprise Data World Conference by graphically recording many of the key conference sessions. Her illustrations present a visual storyboard of the primary elements discussed during a given presentation, with the most important points detailed in a fascinating […]

Identify Data Patterns with Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

Discovering, extracting, and analyzing data patterns in textual data from the myriad data sources streaming into modern data-driven organizations is no easy task. Organizations must be equipped with state-of-the art techniques such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) within well-developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) platforms, to reliably understand the pulse of their consumers […]