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Real Time Data Science and the DIKW Pyramid


by Angela Guess John Weathington recently wrote for TechRepublic, “A client asked me to run a weeklong workshop in Houston, Texas. When the workshop ended, I went straight from my client’s office to the airport with the help of Google Maps… The app was able to calculate the quickest route in real time based on…

Boxfish Raises $7M for Smarter TV


by Angela Guess Janko Roettgers of GigaOM reports, “Imagine you turn on your TV, and it tells you exactly what’s happening on each channel. We’re not just talking show names and schedule grids, but live updates down to the topic that’s being discussed on each and every network, be it Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, March Madness…

How Gnip Handles Twitter’s Fire Hose of Real-Time Data


by Angela Guess A recent interview with Gnip CEO Jud Valeski discusses the challenges Gnip faces as the official commercial provider of the Twitter activity stream, a stream that produces about 155 million tweets a day. When asked about the architectural challenges of running all of that real-time data through the internet, Valeski responded, “The…