top20-featuredimageIt’s that time of year again to announce the Top 20 publications by DATAVERSITY in 2016. We are excited to wrap up another great year of education. We published over 100 articles, over 150 blogs, 89 webinars, two online conferences, and five face-to-face conferences. We also launched our new DATAVERSITY Training Center this year where we’re working to fill it with fabulous courses.

As we move towards 2017, we’re looking to increase the education even further adding another article per week, seeking even more industry experts to blog, producing three online conferences and another five great face-to-face events.

A special thanks to all of our subscribers and attendees who are so engaged in everything we do and for being a part of this amazing community. And thanks to all of the fabulous Industry Experts who help us make it all possible.

We wish you all a very happy New Year! And while you’re taking some down time during the holiday season, we hope you enjoy reading and rereading the DATAVERSITY Top 20 of the year.

  1. Article: The Future of Machine Learning: Trends, Observations, and Forecasts
  2. Article: A Comparative Roundup: Artificial Intelligence vs. Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning
  3. Article: Techniques and Algorithms in Data Science for Big Data
  4. Article: How to Be a Data Scientist: Data Science Skill Development
  5. Article: 2016 Trends in Business Intelligence and Data Analysis
  6. Article: The Importance of Big Data and Data Visualization
  7. Blog: Top Trends to Watch in Cognitive Analytics in 2016
  8. Article: Data Science Predictions for 2017
  9. Article: A Brief History of the Internet of Things
  10. Article: A Comprehensive Review of Skills Required for Data Scientist Jobs
  11. Article: The Future of Analytics: Collaboration, Deep Learning, and Telling the Story
  12. Article: Smart Factories and the Industrial Internet of Things
  13. Article: ERwin Looks to the Future of Data Modeling
  14. Article: An Overview of University and Non-Traditional Programs in Data Science Education
  15. Article: Artificial Intelligence in 2016: Are You Ready for What It Will Bring?
  16. Article: A Brief History of Semantics
  17. Article: Streaming Analytics 101: The What, Why, and How
  18. Article: The Business Benefits of Deep Learning
  19. Article: Big Data and Artificial Intelligence: Advances in Natural Language Processing
  20. Blog: NoSQL vs. SQL: It’s About the Performance and Scale







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