Reltio Demo: Unified Data Unleashed – A Closer Look at Modern Master Data Management

Download the slides here>> Tired of your rigid, costly legacy master data management system? Join this webinar to explore the modern MDM revolution. You will see a live demo of transformative MDM capabilities that unlock agility, scalability, and cost-effective ways to unify data. You will gain insights into the importance of industry-specific MDM SaaS solutions […]

Solidatus Demo: Using Solidatus’ Data Blueprints to Span the IT and Business Divide and Achieve Connected Governance

  Download slides here>> For too long, IT and business have struggled to understand one another – speaking different languages, unknowingly misaligning on goals, and despite best efforts often failing to achieve needed outcomes without considerable churn. In today’s fast-paced, data-driven world, the stakes are too high for the status quo. This session explores how […]

Informatica Demo: Modern Data Governance – How to Improve Business Results With Automation and AI 

  Download slides here>> Currently, half of enterprises are digital businesses and over half of data leaders list data governance as their number one priority. This isn’t a surprise given the following requires a modern approach with high scalability:    Discover how data producers, data stewards and data consumers can collaborate better to improve business results […]

Precisely Demo: Driving Value Across Teams – Modern Data Governance Requirements

  Download slides here>> Data governance solutions are now a business imperative – but modern demands are requiring integrated capabilities to discover, understand, track, and measure data integrity across many different functions in your organization.  See a demo of how the Precisely Data Integrity Suite’s Data Governance module delivers exponential value through a single solution […]

Ataccama Demo: Beyond Data Catalog – Using Metadata to Automate Data Management and Data Quality Tasks

  Download slides now>> Data catalogs have become integral in the modern data landscape, but their full potential often remains untapped. This session will explore why data catalogs are more than just a repository of information, and how they can be a dynamic tool for automation, enabling practitioners to elevate their data handling practices. Attendees […]