2022 Predictions: Blockchain, Cloud, Machine Learning, and More

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While much of last year focused on overcoming challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, technology innovations have continued and demonstrated the unstoppable power of human creativity. In 2022, we can expect to see many exciting developments in Data Management, including the acceleration of blockchain technology to protect health data, real-world use cases for quantum computing, and more.

Blockchain Will Play a More Significant Role in Health Care

Protecting and limiting patient health data is correctly the biggest concern and hindrance in bringing AI-based health care products to market. In 2022, blockchain will start to play a significant role in ensuring data privacy within the health care sector, for building machine learning models and AI inferencing.

Quantum Computing Will Solve Real-World Use Cases

In 2022, quantum annealing – which is a branch of quantum computing – will solve many real-world optimization use cases, though powerful quantum gate computers are still far from being commercially available. Despite providing approximate solutions, quantum annealers are superior at solving some NP-hard optimization problems that take conventional computers exponential time.

Expect to See More Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Last year, we experienced a boom in NFTs – aka non-interchangeable units of data stored on a blockchain – in the form of digital art, songs, and collectibles flooding the market. In 2022, we will see NFTs expand into more practical applications such as decentralized finance and digital twins that represent a connected digitalized version of actual physical entities.

Serverless Clouds Will Spark Innovation

Serverless architectures promise a truly pay-as-you-go service where the infrastructure scales invisibly as an application requires it and the user doesn’t have to get involved with configurations and technicalities. In 2022 and beyond, serverless will enable new user experiences and impact the broader trend across the cloud and the entire tech landscape by creating experiences that make innovation more accessible.

Poly Cloud Will Win Over Multi-Cloud

We will see businesses adopting poly cloud more to leverage the best offerings of cloud service providers for specific parts of the workload instead of multi-cloud, where the same workloads run on multiple cloud platforms. Poly cloud makes it easier to connect and collaborate with partners who aren’t running on the same IT stack and helps avoid vendor lock.

Distributed Technologies Will Merge

Cloud computing technologies have emerged as a paradigm shift in software development methodologies, but they still follow a centralized approach. In the last few years, decentralized technologies like edge computing, tiny ML, blockchain, and 5G technologies have emerged and are now becoming mature. Merging these distributed technologies will unearth exciting real-life use-cases in the near future.

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