Webinar: Accelerate Data Product Delivery

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About the Webinar

High-value data use cases should be iterative, effective and simple to implement. For example, anyone in your organization should be able to request a new data product that contains data, reports, and even an AI model without having to go through a time-consuming internal software development process.

In this webcast on delivering data products, you will learn how to:

  • Leverage data modeling as a foundation for your data products
  • Shorten data product delivery times with data catalog automation
  • Expand the visibility of high-value, trusted data and speed the delivery of new governed data products with a self-service data marketplace

About the Speakers

Yetkin Ozkucur

Director of Professional Services and Presales, Quest

Yetkin Ozkucur brings over 20 years of experience in Data Intelligence space and leads a global team of data professionals at Erwin by Quest. Yetkin has delivered implementations, data governance programs and proof of concepts to wide range of clients including financial, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing and retail. He is responsible for delivering and guiding Data Intelligence solutions, implementation best practices, and presales activities. 

Nadeem Siddique 

Solution Strategist, erwin by Quest

Nadeem has been with the erwin by Quest brand for over 5 years now. He has worked with customers globally helping them solve their data management/data governance challenges. Nadeem provides product demonstrations, leads presales efforts, and keeps active engagement in value attainment initiatives for customers