Accenture Invests in Open Cosmos to Democratize Access to Satellite Data

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According to a new press release, Accenture made a noteworthy announcement at the World Satellite Business Week in Paris, revealing its strategic investment and partnership with Open Cosmos, a space technology company specializing in satellite design, manufacturing, and integration. Open Cosmos operates space missions and provides access to top-quality satellite data globally through a data services platform. Their collaboration with Accenture aims to democratize access to satellite data, allowing businesses to leverage space-based insights to address terrestrial challenges, particularly those related to sustainability. Accenture Ventures led this investment as part of its Project Spotlight initiative.

Traditionally, launching satellites into space has been a complex and prohibitively expensive endeavor, making it inaccessible to most companies. Open Cosmos addresses this by providing a platform that enables multiple companies to access and utilize data collected by a single satellite while simplifying satellite infrastructure management. Tom Lounibos, managing director of Accenture Ventures, envisions a future where every company can harness the potential of space data for innovation, breaking down traditional barriers related to cost and accessibility.

Paul Thomas, space innovation lead at Accenture, emphasizes the transformative potential of democratizing space access and the use of space data to drive innovation and sustainable progress. Open Cosmos, under the leadership of founder and CEO Rafel Jorda Siquier, is committed to simplifying access to space through smaller satellites, aligning with Accenture’s vision to expand access to valuable satellite data for organizations worldwide. Open Cosmos joins Accenture Ventures’ Project Spotlight, an initiative targeting technology companies that can drive innovation for the Global 2000, where they will collaborate to adapt their solutions for enterprise markets and scale effectively.

In conclusion, Accenture’s investment and partnership with Open Cosmos mark a significant milestone in the quest to democratize access to satellite data, with the ultimate goal of empowering businesses to leverage space-based insights for innovation and addressing critical global challenges. This collaboration underscores the accelerating role of technology in driving innovation across various industries, aligning with Accenture’s broader mission of creating tangible value through innovation and collaboration.


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