MongoDB Launches Atlas for Manufacturing and Automotive Initiative

According to a new press release, MongoDB has launched MongoDB Atlas for Manufacturing and Automotive, an initiative aimed at assisting organizations in harnessing real-time data and connected technologies. It is designed to help businesses optimize processes and enhance user experiences with intelligent, connected technology. As the manufacturing and automotive industries undergo a transformation driven by […]

Telmai Unveils New Release Aimed at Facilitating Data Observability Adoption

According to a new press release, Telmai, an AI-driven data observability platform, has introduced a significant new release featuring seven pioneering features aimed at simplifying and accelerating data observability adoption within enterprises. With the growing complexity of the data landscape, Telmai’s release addresses the need for continuous, reliable data flow. This release empowers data professionals to […]

Kyndi Introduces Latest Version of Its Generative AI Answer Engine

According to a new press release, Kyndi has launched Kyndi 6.0, the latest version of its Generative AI Answer Engine, designed to enhance knowledge management and AI transparency for enterprises. The release, available immediately, introduces innovative features that aim to streamline content and knowledge management processes. These features expand the use cases of generative AI […]

Kinetica Launches Native Large Language Model

According to a new press release, Kinetica, a leader in real-time analytics, has unveiled a native large language model (LLM) integrated with its innovative architecture, enabling users to perform real-time, natural language-based data analysis without the need for external API calls. Unlike public LLMs, Kinetica’s solution prioritizes data privacy and security by keeping data within […]

Press Release: DATAVERSITY Acquires The Data Administration Newsletter (TDAN)

September 18, 2023 – DATAVERSITY announced today it has completed its acquisition of The Data Administration Newsletter (TDAN). Established in 1997 by Robert S. Seiner, TDAN is an internet-based publication focused on providing educational resources, best practices, and techniques associated with the management of data and information. “I’m delighted we could complete this transfer, as DATAVERSITY is […]

Precisely Adds 3D Visualization Capabilities to Newest Version of MapInfo Pro

According to a new press release, Precisely, a global leader in data integrity, has unveiled MapInfo Pro v2023, the latest iteration of its widely used desktop Geographic Information System (GIS). This release introduces new 3D visualization tools that enable users to explore risks and opportunities in a three-dimensional space. Additionally, MapInfo Pro now seamlessly integrates […]

Accenture Invests in Open Cosmos to Democratize Access to Satellite Data

According to a new press release, Accenture made a noteworthy announcement at the World Satellite Business Week in Paris, revealing its strategic investment and partnership with Open Cosmos, a space technology company specializing in satellite design, manufacturing, and integration. Open Cosmos operates space missions and provides access to top-quality satellite data globally through a data […]

Starburst Introduces Python DataFrame Support

According to a new press release, Starburst Data has expanded its data analytics platform by introducing Python DataFrame support through the launch of PyStarburst and integrating the Ibis library. This strategic move, accomplished in collaboration with Voltron Data, empowers developers and data engineers to efficiently manage complex data transformation tasks and build data applications seamlessly […]

Couchbase Adds Generative AI Capabilities to Database-as-a-Service Platform

According to a new press release, Couchbase, a leading cloud database platform company, has unveiled a groundbreaking feature called Capella iQ within its database-as-a-service offering, Couchbase Capella™. Capella iQ integrates generative AI capabilities to empower developers to create modern applications more efficiently and expeditiously. The tool enables developers to harness natural language processing to swiftly […]