Webinar: A 5-Step Plan for a Successful Analytics Catalog

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About the Webinar

An Analytics Catalog must fully address the needs of both content publishers and content consumers while satisfying the key BI Governance requirements of your organization.

Watch this webinar for the 5-step plan for implementing a successful Analytics Catalog:

1. Understand scope of reporting
2. Plan for Security & Discoverability
3. Establish a Strategy for Reporting Metadata
4. Develop a Publishing Strategy
5. Enable access from everywhere

About the Speaker

Marius Moscovici

CEO, Metric Insights

Marius has over 20 years of experience in analytics and data warehousing, with roles at Oracle, Integral Results, and Linden Lab. He was co-founder and CEO of Integral Results, a leading BI consultancy that was acquired by Idea Integration. He also formed and led the analytics group at Linden Lab.