Ataccama Accelerates Data Quality Development for Enterprises with Latest Version of Platform

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According to a new press release, Ataccama has introduced Ataccama ONE v15, the latest version of its AI-powered data management platform, designed to help enterprises establish a high-quality data environment. The platform addresses the challenges of data chaos, enabling users to extract reliable insights for various business initiatives. The new version emphasizes the importance of trustworthy data in areas such as commercial oversight, marketing, sales targeting, regulatory compliance, and innovation opportunities. Ataccama ONE v15 offers self-service functionality and a generative AI-enhanced interface, streamlining user workflows and providing a faster time-to-value for customers. The platform enables users to extract information and insights through natural language queries, reducing the reliance on code and enhancing the overall efficiency of data teams.

Catherine Yoshida, manager of data governance and data architecture at Teranet, expressed confidence in Ataccama’s product roadmap, highlighting the platform’s ability to grow alongside their business. The updated version is positioned as a one-stop solution, making data asset inventory comprehensible to all users, supporting the next stage of growth and ambitions. The release aims to empower both business and technical users, offering a cloud-based platform that ensures data quality, security, and compliance while reducing the need for organizations to manage the product.

Ataccama ONE v15 delivers unprecedented speed and simplicity, facilitating quick data consumption, modification of data rules, and the creation of new business use cases. Enhanced AI capabilities support automatic detection of data quality rules, faster configuration of data sets, streamlined data catalog management, and natural language processing for non-technical users. The platform also features improved data lineage visualization, enabling teams to trust the data they access for effective decision-making, unlocking new business opportunities, and enhancing overall data management practices in the organization.