Aug 16 DATAVERSITY Demo Day – Data Quality Tools

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DATE: August 16, 2023, This event has passed. The recordings will be made available On Demand within the next week.

TIME: 8:00 AM – 12:45 PM Pacific / 11:00 AM – 3:45 PM Eastern

PRICE: Free to all attendees

Welcome to DATAVERSITY Demo Day, an online exhibit hall. We’ve had many requests from our data-driven community for a vendor-driven online event that gives you an opportunity to learn more about the available tools and services directly from the vendors that could contribute to your Data Quality program’s success.

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Session 1: Decision Confidence – Using Modern Approaches to Data Quality to Improve Trust in Data

As the quantity of data we create and manage explodes along with our dependence upon that data for critical business decisions, we need to reimagine how to ensure that we can trust our data and be confident in our decisions. Join us as we demonstrate how to achieve trust in data across a variety of modern, legacy and hybrid environments.

In this demo, you will see how the Precisely Data Integrity Suite’s Data Quality solution provides the ability to:

  • Design data quality rules in the cloud and run in a variety of environments
  • Validate & geocode addresses and enrich data in a seamless experience
  • Alert users of data outliers, anomalies, and other data observations
  • Streamline the understanding of data quality across your organization with the integrated data catalog and data governance capabilities

Session 2: Is Your Data Quality Good Enough to Support Your Business Initiatives?

Massive increases in data volumes and the variety of data sources continue to challenge organizations that require high-quality data.  Turning this data into actionable intelligence and competitive advantage requires having the proper technology, people, and processes in place.  At the heart of being able to trust the information is ensuring you have the level of data quality required to support new initiatives, such as customer engagement, digital transformation, compliance, and analytics. 

Join us to see how you can make the most of your organization’s data by leveraging our deep advisory expertise and knowledge-based AI approach. Innovative ensures that you can quickly get the high-quality data your organization needs to be successful, whether it’s via on-premises, in the cloud, a one-time or series of service projects, Data Quality as a Service (DQaaS), or a hybrid of these.  Topics to be covered include how to: 

  • Get the right start by focusing on people, process, and technology 
  • Quickly understand the current state of your data 
  • Achieve the highest level of data quality in a fraction of the time, cost and resources 

Session 3: Data Quality & Observability – Building Trust and Driving Business Success

As modern organizations accelerate decision-making driven by data and analytics, the need for trusted, high-quality data has never been more important. Yet only 27% of data practitioners completely trust their data. And, 30% of time is spent on non-value-added tasks due to poor data quality and availability.  It’s critical to prevent bad data from entering systems and propagating further, as repairing the damage can be costly and potentially harm organizational reputation. By embracing data quality and observability techniques, organizations can identify and rectify data issues more effectively. Join us for this live demo to learn:

  • Why data quality and observability matter for modern data-driven organizations
  • How data profiling can quickly put you on the path to improved data quality and accuracy
  • How implementing data cleansing processes can ensure accuracy and consistency

Session 4: Is Your Data Late, Wrong, or Weird? Data Quality With Anomalo

Is your data late, wrong, or weird?  Data Quality with Anomalo.

Improving data quality in your organization means having a plan to deal with different types of data issues. Many tools on the market only focus on “late” data by providing observability into pipelines. Anomalo does this well but also provides insight into deeper problems that occur inside your data.

  • Late data – did my pipeline fail?
  • Wrong data – did a code change inadvertently cause duplicates in my data?
  • Weird data – did a new value appear in my data, which is correct, but changes the way I need to analyze it and use it to make decisions?

In this session, you will see a walkthrough of Anomalo and how it can be used to cover all three of these cases.

Session 5: Soda – Empowering Everyone to Take Charge of Data Quality 

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, data is critical to everyone’s work. However, the burden for maintaining data quality often gets passed around like a hot potato, as no single person or team is solely accountable. As the need for reliable and trustworthy data increases, we must change that. But how can we make data quality a collective responsibility, foster a culture of good data, and empower each individual to contribute to data quality? 

Join this product showcase and see Soda’s modern approach to data quality management in action. Soda is data quality testing that bridges the gap between data producers and data consumers, ensuring the right people are involved at the right time to leverage the technical know-how and subject matter expertise of every team member.  

During this showcase, you’ll witness how to: 

  1. Prevent downstream issues and improve pipelines  
  2. Implement self-serve data testing with SodaGPT and SodaCL 
  3. Integrate end-to-end data quality from ingestion to consumption 

It’s time to enable everyone to deliver trustworthy, high-quality data for business success.