DarwinAI Announces Strategic Collaboration with Lockheed Martin

A new press release states, “DarwinAI, the explainable AI company located in Waterloo, Canada, today announced a strategic collaboration with global aerospace leader Lockheed Martin that seeks to improve Lockheed Martin’s customers’ understanding of AI solutions. Explainable AI (XAI) or ‘explainability’ attempts to illuminate how neural networks – complex constructions that mimic the human brain […]

Baffle Launches Secure Data Sharing Platform

A new press release reports, “Baffle, Inc., an advanced data protection company, today released Baffle Secure Data Sharing, the first multiparty data sharing platform that allows companies to easily and securely share distributed data across multiple parties, without exposing the underlying data values. Baffle Secure Data Sharing allows for shared analytics and business intelligence without […]

Announcing the Fastly Developer Hub

According to a new press release, “Fastly, Inc., provider of an edge cloud platform, today announced the launch of its new Developer Hub, a central place for developers to easily access all the tools they need to build fast, scalable and secure modern applications on the Fastly edge cloud platform. Housed within the Developer Hub […]

Grafana 7.0 Delivers Major Visualization Upgrades

A new press release states, “Today, Grafana Labs is announcing the general availability of Grafana 7.0 with significant enhancements to simplify the development of custom plugins and drastically increase the power, speed and flexibility of visualization. This latest release helps organizations realize their monitoring, visualization and observability goals even faster. Open source Grafana is among […]

Latest SIOS Release Sets New Standard for High Availability

According to a recent press release, “SIOS Technology Corp., an industry pioneer in providing intelligent application availability, today announced the GA release of SIOS Protection Suite for Linux version 9.5 clustering software, featuring advanced automation and application-aware monitoring and failover orchestration that make creating and managing HA clusters in complex SAP S/4HANA environments easy and […]

Infogix Enhances Data360 with Streaming Data Quality Capabilities

A recent press release reports, “Infogix, a leading provider of data management tools, today announced major upgrades to its highly-regarded Data360® data intelligence platform to help users validate the quality of streaming data and break down cross-departmental communication barriers with a new interactive browser. Data360, Infogix’s integrated data intelligence platform with automated capabilities for data […]

GigaSpaces and OpenLegacy Partner

A recent press release reports, “OpenLegacy, the pioneer in digital-driven integration for legacy and core systems, has announced a partnership with GigaSpaces, the provider of InsightEdge, the fastest in-memory real-time analytics processing platform. As businesses embark on digital transformation initiatives and modernize their business operations, requirements are growing for strengthening business performance to enhance customer […]

MemVerge Introduces Big Memory Computing

According to a recent press release, “MemVerge™, the inventor of Memory Machine™ software, today introduced what’s next for in-memory computing: Big Memory Computing. This new category is sparking a revolution in data center architecture where all applications will run in memory. Until now, in-memory computing has been restricted to a select range of workloads due […]