AI in Health Care: Trends and Challenges in 2022

Around this time last year, the 2021 AI in Healthcare Survey was released. The results showed growth in natural language processing (NLP), clinicians becoming primary users of AI technology, and a preference for companies using their own data to validate models, among other findings. And while the results didn’t change significantly from last year, there […]

The AI Trends Reshaping Health Care

Click to learn more about author Ben Lorica. Applications of AI in health care present a number of challenges and considerations that differ substantially from other industries. Despite this, it has also been one of the leaders in putting AI to work, taking advantage of the cutting-edge technology to improve care. The numbers speak for […]

Putting AI to Work: Where Are We Now?

Click to learn more about author Ben Lorica. Back in May, I wrote an article for DATAVERSITY® Despite Investment in Deep Learning, AI Talent Pool is Shallow that explored how companies are putting Artificial Intelligence (AI) to work through Deep Learning. The article detailed how, despite the hype and desire to integrate this powerful technology […]