Learning Plan: Modeling Data as Graphs

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Learning Plan Price: $599
Individual Course Price: $169
Learning Plan CEUs: 6.0 hours

In the Modeling Data as Graphs Learning Plan, instructor Thomas Frisendal introduces Graph Data Architectures and Graph Data Modeling issues. He does so by taking you into specific scenarios for graph technology application. In this series of four courses data modelers will get answers to their concerns about Data Modeling, Data Quality, and Data Governance issues that are special to Graph Architectures. Everybody concerned with modeling business data for graphs will get a “cookbook” for designing controlled data models for the business. Agile developers will learn how to evolve graph data models using a schema-last, iterative approach, and enterprise data architects will learn what to focus on when evolving an enterprise knowledge graph data model. If all four courses are completed, a certificate of completion will be issued.

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Each Course Includes:

  • An 87- to 92-minute educational training video
  • An 18- to 21-question exam
  • Materials made available for download once the exam has been completed
  • Self-paced and on-demand e-learning
  • Unlimited course access
  • Additional course resources include:
    • Demo Script (Load and Analyze Data in Graphs)
    • Email Many-to-Many Script
    • The Power of Dependencies Guide
    • Build Your Own Repository Guide
    • Loading Concept Maps from Cmap Tools Guide
    • Building Super Data Models Guide
    • Data Discovery Scripts:
      • Looking for Unconnected Data
      • Looking for Unrelated Data
      • Looking for Potential Relationships
      • Looking at Highly Connected Nodes
      • Looking for Dates in Text Fields
      • Profiling Data Values

Courses within the Modeling Data as Graphs Learning Plan:

  1. Overview of Graphs from a Data Modeling Perspective
  2. Property Graph Data Modeling Compared to Classic Data Modeling
  3. Cookbook for Modeling Business Data as Property Graphs
  4. Agile Graph Data Model Evolution

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