The Impact of Data Growth on Enterprises

Click to learn more about author Ibrahim Surani. Data has changed the world we live in. Today, enterprises utilize data to introduce new business models, enhance customer experience, generate new revenue streams, create personalized services, and become more agile. This reliance is only increasing with time as the world experiences unprecedented data growth. This data […]

Maintaining Data Integrity During Integration

Click to learn more about author Ibrahim Surani Every organization integrates and shares data with multiple systems, processes, and individuals. With data being generated and consumed at unprecedented levels, the challenge is ensuring its integrity before it’s processed or fed into reporting and analytics databases. Consider a scenario, where you have to decide whether to […]

Leverage Your Data to Get a Holistic Customer View

Click to learn more about author Ibrahim Surani Today, data is the center of everything. Therefore, it’s only natural for organizations to leverage it to create a data-centric customer strategy that aims to optimize sales and marketing processes. Every customer action, ranging from the first touchpoint to the purchase, creates a digital footprint. These interactions […]

Challenges of Integrating Heterogeneous Data Sources

Click to learn more about author Ibrahim Surani. With enterprise data pouring in from different sources – CRM systems, web applications, databases, files, etc. – streamlining data processes is a significant challenge as it requires integrating heterogeneous data streams. In such a scenario, standardizing data becomes a pre-requisite for effective and accurate analysis. The absence […]

Data Virtualization and ETL: Friends or Enemies?

Click to learn more about author Ibrahim Surani. Traditionally, companies have relied on the use of Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) solutions to gather data from disparate sources and populate a data warehouse. However, increasingly complex IT infrastructures of businesses and the need to acquire near real-time or real-time data for accurate decision-making have compelled businesses […]

Accelerate BI Project Implementation with Data Warehouse Automation

Click to learn more about author Ibrahim Surani. For any large or mid-sized organization to survive in today’s highly competitive market, its decision makers require intelligible information to gauge key metrics affecting various business strategies effectively. They heavily rely on Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to drive innovation and agility for meeting the constantly changing consumer […]