Why Data Storytelling Matters to Data Scientists

In an increasingly data-driven world, companies worldwide have transformed the way they operate. Much of this is thanks to their ability to access a volume of data that was not available in the past. However, more recently, organizations have realized that simply collecting data is not enough, with many struggling to master the language of data. […]

5 Ways Data Can Help Save the Planet

A sustainable and equitable world is the holy grail – a world in which planet comes before profit; where equality, diversity, and inclusion are a prerequisite; and where ethics are baked into every aspect of our society and business.   While this may seem like decades away from becoming a reality, there is hope.  If the UN […]

Could the Data Mesh Solve Your Data Lake Scaling Issues?

Click to learn more about author Mathias Golombek. Is data mesh architecture the right approach for your organization and its data democratization journey? In my recent blog series, I delved into one of 2021’s hottest data topics – data democratization – exploring how it can fit into a business’ overarching data strategy along with some practical advice on how to implement […]

Data Science on a Large Scale: Can it Be Done?

Click to learn more about author Mathias Golombek. The Challenge Michael Stonebraker, winner of the Turing Award 2014, has been quoted as saying:  “The change will come when business analysts who work with SQL on large amounts of data give way to data scientists, which will involve more sophisticated analysis, predictive modeling, regressions and Bayesian […]

Why Data Democratization Should Be Your Guiding Principle for 2021

Click to learn more about author Mathias Golombek. When Maximilien Robespierre first uttered the now famous phrase “liberté, equalité, fraternité,” during the French Revolution, the concept of data democratization didn’t yet exist. In Robespierre’s speech, the phrase was intended to unite and inspire French revolutionaries with the three ideals of freedom, equality, and brotherhood. However, […]