Core Data Concepts for Digital Transformation

Without a clear understanding of core data concepts, communications around implementing an organizational Data Management initiative can become a muddle. As different teams come together to plan and organize data activities, they must integrate what they mean about data with any technologies. For example, take the term “Data Governance.” Data engineers building systems and tools to enable […]

Managing Risk with Frictionless AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) programs have existed longer than many people have been alive, with the first successful applications implemented in the 1950s. The 2020s promise greater AI potential that more businesspeople can use. Although modern AI brings powerful, accurate, and easier-to-use tools, organizations struggle to get the most value in their AI investments and achieve frictionless AI. To understand […]

Distributed Data Architecture Patterns Explained

Distributed data architecture, models using multiple platforms, and processes for data-driven goals continue to generate increased interest. As William McKnight, president of McKnight Consulting Group (MCG) and well-known data architecture advisor, says, “Seldom a database vendor does not interact with concepts around distributed data architectures: the data lakehouse, data mesh, data fabric, and data cloud, and I am […]

Data Governance Roles and Responsibilities

Data Governance, a formalized practice that executes and enforces company-wide data policies, has gained significant traction in the last few years. As of 2022, 81.89% of the participants in a DATAVERSITY® Trends in Data Management(TDM) survey have either implemented a Data Governance program or plan to initiate one. Yet, 54.63% of those surveyed listed a lack of Data Governance as […]

Data Strategy Best Practices

Data Strategy, the master plan or blueprint for confronting day-to-day business challenges and meeting pre-defined business goals using data, has gained significant traction. More companies are seeing the connection between following Data Strategy best practices and boosting profit. Gartner estimates that 50% of financial planning and analytics leaders will take charge of developing and refining their Data Strategy. Moreover, […]

Innovating with Data Mesh and Data Governance

Large organizations want to create a flexible environment to innovate and respond quickly based on new data insights. But at the same time, these businesses want some structure for good Data Quality, data fit for consumption, simplifying and speeding up data access. Using a data mesh, which is a decentralized data architecture (collecting, integrating, and analyzing […]

Achieving Smoother, Quicker Data Modeling

When the Navy SEALS embraced its motto, “Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast,” they may as well have been discussing building data models in the same breath. The SEALS chose the phrase to remind its participants not to rush but to act thoughtfully and deliberately. Data Modeling does the same thing by helping businesses design and update data architectures […]