Six Different Ways to Drill

Click to learn more about author Mike Brody. Thought leaders typically discuss business intelligence in the abstract or in terms of business benefits, but I want to take a moment to drill in (pun most definitely intended) on drilldowns. They’re one of the most useful and beloved BI features. Who doesn’t appreciate being able to click […]

The Hallmarks of a HIPAA-Compliant Embedded BI Solution

Click to learn more about author Mike Brody. Since the Final Omnibus Rule was added to HIPAA in 2013, software companies serving the American healthcare sector have grown used to double-checking their business partners for compliance with federal privacy regulations. Where once only healthcare providers, insurers, and other “covered entities” (CEs) were held accountable under HIPAA, […]

Data Models That Build Themselves

Click to learn more about author Mike Brody. Self-service Business Intelligence (BI) is about bridging the knowledge gap that has historically separated business professionals from their data. It’s about doing away with intimate knowledge of information systems as a prerequisite for finding out last quarter’s growth margin. And when it comes to replacing SQL statements with […]

Endowment Dollars for Data: An Ad Hoc Reporting Case Study

Click to learn more about author Mike Brody. The vast majority of knowledge workers utilizing Business Intelligence via their hub SaaS application, regardless of vertical, will likely never build their own reports from scratch. According to Eckerson Group’s “A Reference Architecture for Self-Service Analytics” (2016), 90% of knowledge workers in an organization use BI casually with […]