The Democratization of Data Science and AI: When Anyone Can Advance a Field

“The democratization of data science” or the “democratization of AI” have long been popular buzz phrases. “Citizen data scientists” poke through open-source datasets finding valuable insights and sharing them with the world out of an individual sense of curiosity. And although this absolutely does happen, the reality is most of the time these democratized advances have not […]

Thinking Inside the Box: How to Audit an AI Project

Click to learn more about author Paul Barba. Over the years we’ve read about far too many AI fails. But it’s not all AI’s fault. AI’s less-than-stellar track record is in large part due to poorly defined project goals and organizations’ tendency to treat the technology as inscrutable high-tech “magic”. Without transparency, accountability or an understanding […]

The Case for Agile Machine Learning

Click to learn more about author Paul Barba. Agile methodologies have become the go-to approach for Data Science projects. A central element of these methodologies is iterative development. In an Agile project, solutions and requirements are constantly evolving based on new understandings, input and feedback. Unsurprisingly, Agile project management methodologies are characterized by short development […]