How to Become an Enterprise Architect

The role of enterprise architect ranked as Glassdoor’s best job in America in 2022 in terms of salary, job satisfaction, and available positions. Yet enterprise architecture is among the most routinely misunderstood professions in the corporate world, straddling the divide between the business and IT. What does an enterprise architect do every day, and what skills and […]

5 Key Elements of a Data Governance Framework

Like so many roles and operations that have emerged in the digital age, Data Governance is often misunderstood – confused with Data Management or seen as an extension of IT. How to communicate the role of Data Governance and ensure it is successfully implemented? At DATAVERSITY’s 2022 Enterprise Data Governance Online event, data practitioner John Ladley shared five […]

9 Essential Steps to Improving Data Quality

For the data-driven, high-volume businesses of today, improving Data Quality is essential to ensure trustworthy data and operational efficiency. But the process doesn’t have to be daunting, said Ryan Doupe, VP and chief data officer at American Fidelity Assurance. In a presentation at DATAVERSITY’s Enterprise Data Governance Online event, Doupe laid out a nine-step program for better […]

Data Ethics: New Frontiers in Data Governance

Would you feel comfortable serving as a Data Governance consultant for an organized crime family … but not for a brokerage with tax fraud in its past? Could the use of ransomware be considered socially acceptable if its demands benefitted needy children? These hypotheticals might sound outrageous – and indeed, they are meant to be provocative – […]

How to Build a High-Performance Analytics Team

When most people think of analytics, they tend to picture a rigidly left-brained data scientist more at home with computer programming than creativity. But analytics leader and author John K. Thompson challenges such a notion. During his keynote presentation at DATAVERSITY’s Enterprise Analytics Online event, he proposed instead that the members of an analytics team can be […]