Five Data Governance Trends for Digital-Driven Business Outcomes in 2021

Click to learn more about author Tejasvi Addagada. To date, many organizations have focused on formalizing data consumption practices through distribution technology, access-based delivery mechanisms for analytics, and AI functions. However, with data protection laws and positive awareness across the world, firms have extended the formalization to data collection management. This, in fact, is the first […]

Data Governance Can Create “Data Trusts” for Consumers in Organizations

Click to learn more about author Tejasvi Addagada. In the past few months, Firms have accelerated digital transformation across multiple journeys of on-boarding and servicing customers. This has been possible by integrating and aggregating Multi-sources as well as taming the ‘Data Swamps’ to deliver quality data. Platform Governance is the mantra to a healthy delivery of […]

Internal Marketplaces Democratize Data

Click to learn more about author Tejasvi Addagada. Data democratization is a culture change and is based on a concept that enables easy access to data. The ease of availability and access to data enables direct and in-direct data monetization. This can be realized through an internal marketplace. An internal marketplace is a strategic solution and […]

A Cultural Shift in Data Democratization Can Improve AI and Analytics Outcomes

Click to learn more about author Tejasvi Addagada. Democratization is more of a cultural change, that any firm should be ready to embrace. It’s synonymous to any of us having to move between continents with different political cultures. Data democratization requires breaking down data silos across divisions and functions, thus making data available and accessible, as […]

Customer Data Protection: Deriving Value and Ownership

Click to learn more about author Tejasvi Addagada. By managing customer privacy, there is significant business value derived from the resulting customer confidence and relationship: Data Privacy Management enables Transparency & Trust in firm Customer empowerment by the Zero-Data Efficient data portability to other environments Standardized Customer Communication Channels These enablers above drive competitive advantage of […]