Why Selecting the Appropriate Data Governance Operating Model Is Crucial

To embark on data governance in an enterprise that spans divisions and diverse stakeholders, a well-defined operating model plays a vital role in achieving expected business benefits. Data mesh is a new concept that encourages data democratization within an organization in a decentralized way by promoting data products. Unlike the vintage architecture, which is centralized, data mesh […]

The Emergence of Corporate Data Governance

Within corporations, the theme of governance has been one of the most important themes for decades. Scholars have discussed and debated how corporations can be governed in order to protect shareholder value and resolve agency issues. Companies have implemented a variety of corporate governance mechanisms to ensure effective decision-making and risk management. These include board […]

Finding the Right Data Governance Model

Data Governance has received much attention in both the academic and practitioner communities over the past 15 years. Compared to the even more recent concept of Data Governance, IT governance has evolved from the initial concept of corporate governance. In the past year, the interest has increased with the evolution of the modern data stack and cloud adoption, […]

Managing Customer Preferences Using Graph Databases

Managing customer preferences is one of the many aspects of managing customer journeys. Customers interact with organizations across a myriad of digital channels, and being mindful of preferences can increase the trust associated with customers. Read on for how graph databases can help manage these customer preferences. Data privacy and protection policies across geographies make it […]

Best Practices for Managing a Data Fabric

When data is not viable for integration across systems and processes, business users will seldom have the right coverage of data. If people lack knowledge about data and its importance logically, it often becomes a challenge, which leads to less impactful decisions. A data fabric is an architectural capability that can give organizations a “data […]

Data Quality Dimensions Are Crucial for AI

As organizations digitize customer journeys, the implications of low-quality data are multiplied manyfold. This is a result of new processes and products that are springing up. Since the data from such processes is growing, data controls may not be strong enough to ensure the data is qualitative. That’s where Data Quality dimensions come into play. […]