Customer Data Protection: Deriving Value and Ownership

Click to learn more about author Tejasvi Addagada. By managing customer privacy, there is significant business value derived from the resulting customer confidence and relationship: Data Privacy Management enables Transparency & Trust in firm Customer empowerment by the Zero-Data Efficient data portability to other environments Standardized Customer Communication Channels These enablers above drive competitive advantage of […]

Shift in Core Principles of Data Management in Today’s Digital Economy

Click to learn more about author Tejasvi Addagada. Today’s data landscapes in enterprises are increasingly based on core principles of Data Discovery, Right Data Interpretation, Coverage, Availability and Inter-operability. Often the first step is knowing what data exists in our firms, while also interpreting it in the right way by managing the meaning. Business Intelligence often […]

Data Democratization and the Data Fabric

Click to learn more about author Tejasvi Addagada. When data is not properly integrated or is barely inter-operable, business users or processes will seldom have the right coverage of data. Availability of data often becomes a challenge which often leads to less impactful decisions and reduces the data advantage that the organization can embrace. Read further […]