Axis Security Emerges from Stealth to Redefine Private Application Access

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A recent press release states, “Axis Security, the private application access company, today emerged from stealth launching a purpose-built, cloud-native security and analytics platform that offers organizations simple and secure control of private application access.  Built on a zero-trust approach, the Axis Application Access Cloud™ offers a new agentless model that delivers the easiest and safest way to connect users on any device in minutes to private apps without touching the network or the applications.”

The release goes on, “The Axis Application Access Cloud solves the issue of implicitly open network access and removes the pain points of network-based security associated with Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s). VPN’s can be complex, slow to deploy, hard to manage and inflexible, especially when it comes to providing access to third-party supply chain partners, vendors, contractors, and remote employees. ‘Axis Security is helping to solve one of the most complex security challenges for IT teams,’ said Dor Knafo, co-founder and CEO. ‘Enabling access to the basic tools of digital transformation should not be one of the biggest risks an organization takes. We’re giving IT teams what they’ve been lacking when it comes to applications and that is a single managed solution for access, security, control, and scalability without the complexity’.”

Diego Souza, Managing Director of Security Technology at United Airlines, added, “Axis Security is solving the problem of secure application access with a cloud-based approach that keeps users separate from the network and the applications. This dramatically reduces the attack surface, it also provides a level of visibility and control that is not found in alternative solutions today. Axis Security is helping organizations meet the needs of employees, partners, and vendors who require secure access to critical business applications anywhere, anytime,” said . 


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