Baffle Announces New Capabilities to Move Data Securely Through the Cloud

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According to a new press release, Baffle has introduced new capabilities aimed at safeguarding structured and unstructured data as it traverses through cloud environments, addressing the escalating need for data security and compliance with global privacy regulations. With the proliferation of GenAI technologies, data movement across cloud platforms has surged, necessitating enhanced security measures to uphold privacy standards across diverse regions. Ameesh Divatia, the CEO of Baffle, emphasizes the challenge of securing unstructured data amidst the surge in data volume and complexity of file formats across multiple locations. The latest offering from Baffle facilitates the secure movement of data within the cloud ecosystem while ensuring compliance with regulatory frameworks, thereby enabling organizations to leverage data effectively for analytics and AI applications.

Driven by the projection that global data volume will reach 175 zettabytes by 2025, organizations are revamping their cloud-based file transfer processes and reassessing security protocols to protect data integrity and comply with regulatory mandates. Baffle’s new capabilities promise to shield sensitive data consistently, irrespective of its location, while simultaneously adhering to compliance requirements, thereby enhancing data utility and mitigating security risks. The integration of advanced access control mechanisms enables Baffle to enforce compliance with privacy regulations at the endpoint of the receiving system, ensuring comprehensive protection for data in transit and at rest.

Baffle’s data security platform offers a seamless solution for safeguarding sensitive data in cloud environments, including support for diverse file formats such as PDF, CSV, Parquet, and JSON objects. With features like masking, tokenization, and encryption, coupled with role-based access control at various levels, Baffle enables enterprises to fortify data stores for applications and GenAI without necessitating any code changes. By prioritizing ease of integration, robust security measures, and flexibility, Baffle aims to streamline data protection efforts for organizations, thereby reducing the risk of data breaches and ensuring compliance with evolving regulatory landscapes.