Case Study: A Digital Transformation Success Story

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In the years since COVID-19 hit and swiftly shut down most in person experiences, the wellness industry had to quickly adapt to a new way of life. While this has given businesses the opportunity to reach new customers beyond their traditional four walls – owners and managers needed to learn and embrace new technologies to better serve their clients.

DATAVERSITY® spoke with Eric Poole, digital adoption program manager at Mindbody, about how the company helps business owners in the wellness space master the use of their software to best run and grow their businesses while maximizing revenue. Mindbody provides a master class of technology for owners and managers including CRM, point of sale, and appointment and class-booking software.

Customers of those wellness businesses can download a MindBody app directly to their phone, find a yoga class, a Pilates studio or a hair salon in their area, and book an appointment or class, which adds that booking to the appointment calendar for that business. One account through MindBody can provide access to tens of thousands of different locations across the world.


For business owners, technology and software can feel overwhelming and frustrating, especially when faced with configuration and other behind-the-scenes tasks. Mindbody helps to ease owners’ frustration by ensuring they have plenty of resources and options, not only in initial configuration, but so owners can gracefully navigate changes in their businesses going forward.

To better help their customers, Mindbody partnered with WalkMe to understand how their customers adopted their software and integrated it into their workflow, to make adoption as easy as possible for future customers coming on board.


Mindbody worked with WalkMe and their Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) to help users get up to speed with friendly, supportive language and processes that were specifically geared to Mindbody’s unique customer base. WalkMe’s is no-code software platform enables organizations to measure, drive, and act to maximize the impact of their digital transformation and accelerate the return on their software investment:

“WalkMe helps us be here for our customers from the minute they log into the software so that their focus can remain on running their business, rather than learning an application,” said Poole.

WalkMe’s code-free editor proactively guides users to complete any business process across single or multiple applications using strategically placed and personalized content delivered at the teachable moment—right when it’s needed. WalkMe’s technology improves productivity, humanizes technology, and drives more effective use of a company’s software. The Digital Adoption Platform can identify gaps and problem areas and drive users to success without changes to the underlying platform.

Digital Transformation Implementation

While the wellness industry went through many changes brought on by COVID-19, Mindbody wanted to support their customers and changing technology and software needs.

When setting up their software, Mindbody customers are guided by WalkMe through questions about how they run their business. Through a conversational style, the software guides business owners through the appropriate steps and best practices specific to their business. Additionally, WalkMe allows Mindbody to provide encouragement and feedback along the way.

Using WalkMe tools, Mindbody was able to use in-app notifications to alert clients about new features including how to adjust your software settings to focus on virtual classes, how to publicize on social media, and more.

Lessons Learned

As clients use the guided help walkthroughs, Mindbody tracked behavior patterns, learning what steps in the process take clients longer to complete and what steps they flew through quickly.

“WalkMe was able to give us a page-by page flowchart that showed, for example, that it takes users about seven minutes before they move to this next page, but it only takes them 30 seconds on the following page.”

This allowed Mindbody to explore where customers were having trouble during their onboarding process, and why that might be. Did users need to read that particular piece of content more thoroughly? Was there anything else they needed to add to the user experience to help customers through the setup process?

The pandemic has caused businesses to adapt to many changes, including in the health, wellness, and beauty industry. Many MindBody clients made the shift to offer remote classes online so customers follow along at home rather than come to the studio.

MindBody wanted to show their clients how easy it was to make changes to their business model in the software so they could continue to bring in revenue. Using WalkMe tools, MindBody was able to use in-app notifications to tell clients the next time they logged in, “here’s a new remote class feature and we can walk you through the five steps to adjust your settings. Then you can post this link out to your social media pages and start getting those bookings rolling in,” said Poole.

Digital Transformation Best Practices

Mindbody created a comprehensive central help content repository to collect training videos, job aids, walkthroughs, and steps to complete common tasks. WalkMe uses an independent release cycle and is really quick at development, Poole said, so MindBody was able to get changes done within a matter of hours rather than a sprint or two. He said this was a key selling point for WalkMe.


The company set a goal was to have users find the answers to their questions from their help menu 80% of the time. Through the partnership, Mindbody was able to reach that goal within six months.

Additionally, Mindbody and WalkMe continued to improve upon the content for the 80% of users using the WalkMe help menus and were able to incorporate new questions that arrived via Slack, allowing users to consistently access the WalkMe help database for their questions.

Next Steps

Building on everything they learned in their customer-facing digital adoption initiative over the previous two years, Mindbody has now partnered with WalkMe to implement a companywide system inside Salesforce that replaces the native Salesforce Help menu with an in-house help system.

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