How AI Liberates BI Data from Dashboards

Business intelligence (BI) has historically been a platform for data and business analysts who build dashboards for executives to make decisions. But the generative AI (GenAI) explosion over the past 18 months has changed the game.  People everywhere have tasted the power of ChatGPT and now want a natural language interface to every application. But […]

What Is PMML and Why Is It Important?

You may not be an analytics expert and you may find terms like PMML integration somewhat daunting. But, in reality, the concept is not complex, and the value is outstanding. So, what is PMML integration? PMML stands for “predictive model markup language.” It is an interchange format that provides a method by which analytical applications and […]

The Future of Insurance: A Business Analyst’s Insight into Emerging Trends and Technologies

The insurance industry is undergoing a revolution, mainly driven by the application of advanced emerging technologies. The application and installation of new technologies enable a better future for our industry, where customers will receive maximum efficiency, security, and flexibility. Here, we address the major technologies and trends that influence this transition, shedding light on their […]

Mind the Gap: Analytics Architecture Stuck in the 1990s

Welcome to the latest edition of Mind the Gap, a monthly column exploring practical approaches for improving data understanding and data utilization (and whatever else seems interesting enough to share). Last month, we explored the data chasm. This month, we’ll look at analytics architecture. From day one, data warehouses and their offspring – data marts, operational […]

Securing Data in Transit for Analytics Operations

Most enterprises today store and process vast amounts of data from various sources within a centralized repository known as a data warehouse or data lake, where they can analyze it with advanced analytics tools to generate critical business insights.  Modern data warehouse platforms such as Snowflake, AWS Redshift, Azure Synapse Analytics, and IBM Db2 are built with […]

Demystifying AI: What Is AI and What Is Not AI?

In recent months, particularly following the release of ChatGPT, there has been an unprecedented surge in interest surrounding artificial intelligence (AI). This heightened attention spans across a multitude of sectors, including business enterprises, technology companies, venture capital firms, universities, governments, media outlets, and more. As the interest in AI is intensifying, some companies have even […]

Beyond the Basics: Advanced Tips for Effective Data Extraction

Data extraction is a cornerstone in data analytics, enabling organizations to extract valuable insights from raw data. While basic extraction techniques are fundamental, understanding advanced strategies is crucial for maximizing efficiency and accuracy. This article will explore advanced tips for effective data extraction, shedding light on automation tools, leveraging APIs and web scraping techniques, enhancing […]

Data Intelligence: The Key to Empowered People and Decisions

McKinsey analysts predict that enterprise employees will rely on data for almost every decision come 2025. If true, this development would mark a significant departure from the current business modus operandi. According to our research, only 25% of enterprise data professionals believe their organization’s decision-making process is data-backed or strategic.  How are these two concepts – the perception of data […]