A Powerful Pair: Modern Data Warehouses and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies like machine learning (ML) have changed how we handle and process data. However, AI adoption isn’t simple. Most companies utilize AI only for the tiniest fraction of their data because scaling AI is challenging. Typically, enterprises cannot harness the power of predictive analytics because they don’t have a fully mature data strategy. To […]

Why Embedded BI Is the Best Option for Analytics

When a business considers the implementation of an analytics solution, it may be focused on choosing the easiest, most flexible solution to encourage its users to make analytics part of the process and to incorporate it into everyday tasks to achieve better results. When a business offers embedded BI tools with integration APIs, it provides the […]

The Semantic Lakehouse Explained

Data lakes and semantic layers have been around for a long time – each living in their own walled gardens, tightly coupled to fairly narrow use cases. As data and analytics infrastructure migrates to the cloud, many are challenging how these foundational technology components fit in the modern data and analytics stack. In this article, […]

Democratizing Data to Promote Business Growth

Data democratization, the process of making information accessible to all employees and stakeholders regardless of their technical background, is critical to make data-driven decisions across an organization. However, democratizing data can be complex. Most organizations have a wide gap between business employees, leaders, and data creators due to silos, a lack of data literacy, and a […]

Why Data Analysts End Up Playing Data Detective

Many data analysts are getting a raw deal. For all the optimism around cloud-based systems promising to make Data Management easier, analysts often wind up playing detective ­– battling through huge information stores on the hunt for useful data, instead of running analysis. For companies, the disillusionment driven by lumbering valuable (and rare) specialists with manual processing […]

Real-Time Analytics: Examples and Benefits

Technology behemoths like Netflix, Uber, and Meta set the standard for how application users experience data. Users expect data to be integrated into the application, making it easier to find relevant content, track deliveries, provide a spam-free internet experience, and make quick, informed operational decisions. Up until this point, the speed and scale of real-time analytics […]

Augmented Analytics Tools Can Enable Data Democratization

What is business intelligence democratization? Put simply, BI democratization is the open access to business intelligence and augmented analytics tools to enable analysis and understanding of the data within the enterprise systems. The “democratization”  component relates to the “who.” Who gets access to the data? The simple answer is: everyone.  In an environment where intelligence and […]

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