The FAAR Framework for Consuming Insights from Data and Analytics 

Faced with overwhelming amounts of data, organizations across the world are looking at leveraging data and analytics (D&A) to derive insights to increase revenue, reduce costs, and mitigate risks. McKinsey found that insight-driven companies report EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) increases of up to 25% [1]. According to Forrester, organizations that use data and insights […]

How to Become a Citizen Data Scientist

The job responsibilities of a citizen data scientist include dealing with new data, using automated tools to process big data, and creating additional models to gain additional insights. Their primary job is not to make predictions directly from big data, or develop prescriptive analytics, but to build models and use tools that accomplish those goals. […]

Dynatrace Adds Data Observability to Analytics and Automation Platform

According to a new press release, Dynatrace has introduced AI-powered data observability capabilities for its analytics and automation platform. Named Dynatrace Data Observability, the feature aims to enhance the reliability and accuracy of data in the Dynatrace platform for business analytics, cloud orchestration, and automation. The technology allows teams to rely on high-quality data, ensuring […]

SingleStore Unveils New Capabilities for Real-Time Data Platform

According to a new press release, SingleStore, an industry-leading real-time data platform, has unveiled its latest release, SingleStore Pro Max. The update introduces groundbreaking features, including indexed vector search, on-demand compute services for GPUs and CPUs, and a new free shared tier. These capabilities aim to streamline development cycles, offering the performance and scale required […]

Qlik Acquires Kyndi to Enhance AI-Driven Business Outcomes

According to a new press release, Qlik, a leading data integration and analytics company, has announced its acquisition of Kyndi, a provider of AI-driven business intelligence solutions. This strategic move aims to bolster Qlik’s capabilities in leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance business outcomes. Kyndi’s expertise in natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning aligns with […]

Databricks Announces Data Intelligence Platform for Communications

According to a new press release, Databricks has announced the launch of the Data Intelligence Platform for Communications, a comprehensive data and AI platform designed specifically for telecommunications carriers and network service providers. This platform offers Communication Service Providers (CSPs) a unified foundation for data and AI, allowing them to gain insights into networks, operations, […]