ADV Webinar: Architecting a Modern Data Platform

Download the slides here>> This webinar is sponsored by: About the Webinar Organizations require a comprehensive enterprise data cloud platform to modernize applications and utilize machine learning. This research-based session will discuss the components of modern enterprise data stacks, such as dedicated compute, storage, data integration, and streaming, and focus on total cost of ownership. […]

Dashboard Tools for Data Analytics

In the world of data analytics, dashboard tools are pivotal instruments, distilling vast quantities of complex data into comprehensible, actionable insights. These tools are not mere luxuries but necessities for organizations aiming to navigate the data-rich environment of today’s digital businesses. By leveraging dashboard tools, businesses can transform raw data into a visually engaging and […]

Demystifying Data Analytics Models

In today’s global landscape, organizations worldwide are increasingly turning to data analytics to enhance their business performance. Research conducted by McKinsey Consulting revealed that data-driven companies not only experience above-market growth but also witness EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) increases of up to 25% [1]. Additionally, Forrester’s findings indicate that organizations utilizing […]

Graph Databases: Benefits and Best Practices

Graph databases have improved significantly since the 1990s, with new developments and a better realization of best practices. Graph technology has become one of the most popular methods of performing big data research. Its focus on finding relationships and its flexibility make it ideal for a variety of research projects. An awareness of new developments […]

The Role of Quantum Computing in Data Science

Quantum computing is on the cusp of turning the data science world upside down, offering a level of processing power we’ve only dreamed of until now.  This new frontier has an incredible potential to reshape the way we approach data analysis, predictive modeling, and solving the kind of complex problems that have always been a tough […]

10 Advantages of Real-Time Data Streaming in Commerce

While early science fiction shows like “Buck Rogers” (1939) and “The Fly” (1950) depicted teleportation technology, it was Star Trek’s transporter room that made real-time living matter transfer a classical sci-fi trope. While we haven’t built technology that enables real-time matter transfer yet, modern science is pursuing concepts like superposition and quantum teleportation to facilitate information transfer across any distance […]

The Swashbuckling Guide to Building an Analytics Center of Excellence

Ahoy, data adventurers! Embarking on the thrilling journey of building a successful Analytics Center of Excellence (CoE) is akin to navigating the vast seas of data-driven decision-making. As a seasoned captain who’s steered the ship through the turbulent waters of financial services, retail, CPG, and telecom industries, I’ve charted a course that’s proven its mettle […]