Data Management Trends in 2023

In a world driven by data, companies that are successful at extracting actionable insights through Data Management will be able to innovate more quickly, develop better strategies, and govern change more efficiently.  Data analytics, which has been completely overtaken by technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), has emerged as a critical game […]

7 Common Data Quality Problems

Having Data Quality problems is a common – and costly – issue. According to Gartner, poor-quality data costs organizations an average of $12.9 million annually. Data Quality uses factors such as accuracy, consistency, and completeness in determining the value of the data. High-quality data can be trusted, while low-quality data is inaccurate, inconsistent, or incomplete. In […]

Data Modeling Trends in 2023: A Refresh

Data Modeling, the practice of diagramming Data Architecture and aligning core business rules with data definitions, will go through a refresh in 2023. Organizations will assess and make over their data fabrics, which describe distributed Data Management systems. Furthermore, managers and project teams will use data models to optimize business processes with their data assets and allocate resources to achieve […]

Data Lineage and Data Quality: How They Intersect

The intersection of data lineage and Data Quality helps provide more accurate and useful information. Data Quality represents the accuracy of data. Internet businesses need good Data Quality to operate efficiently. Unfortunately, there can be obstacles in gathering, storing, and maintaining high-quality data. The use of data lineage can help eliminate those Data Quality obstacles by providing […]

Data Ethics: New Frontiers in Data Governance

Would you feel comfortable serving as a Data Governance consultant for an organized crime family … but not for a brokerage with tax fraud in its past? Could the use of ransomware be considered socially acceptable if its demands benefitted needy children? These hypotheticals might sound outrageous – and indeed, they are meant to be provocative – […]

AI and Data Privacy: Where Do They Intersect?

According to new research from IBM, 35% of companies now use AI in their business. From health care to manufacturing to government, data-driven organizations across all major industries are realizing the benefits of AI: automation of repetitive tasks, faster processing of data, improved accuracy, and more. But as AI adoption becomes more widespread and advanced, business leaders […]

Data Quality Best Practices

Using Data Quality best practices to gather accurate data is essential for gaining useful results from research and providing visiting customers with a good experience. Data has become a key part of most business transactions and operations. The quality of data that is gathered, stored, and used are major factors in the success of a […]

Data Mesh 101

In today’s complex business environment, data lakes and data warehouses may not be sufficient to meet organizational requirements. From the perspective of agility, both data lakes and data warehouses have limitations when it comes to maintaining and managing various types of data. Enter data mesh. The idea of a data mesh was born when Zhamak Dehghani, the […]

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