The Last Barrier to Consumer AI Adoption

Click to learn more about Rachel Roumeliotis. It’s not uncommon for people to fear what they don’t understand, and this sentiment holds true for consumer attitudes towards artificial intelligence (AI). Whether rooted in fantasy (robots taking over the world) or reality (Google Home listening in on our conversations) there’s a lot of work to be done selling […]

How to Diagnose Your Organization’s Data Assets

Click to learn more about author Declan Owens. Before relying on analytics for all or part of your strategic decision-making, it’s critical to implement suitable processes to ensure that data flows smoothly through all business departments while preserving its quality, accessibility, usability, and security using these tips. For data assets to be fully profitable for […]

Putting Data in Context with Knowledge Graphs

Click to learn more about author Matt Tanner. Knowledge graphs aren’t new, but they’re the latest and greatest trend as people and companies realize just how versatile they are. Whether your e-commerce business needs to offer your customers better product recommendations and targeted coupons or your payment processor needs to provide fraud detection on a massive, […]

How to Plan a Threat Hunt: Using Log Analytics to Manage Data in Depth

Click to learn more about author Thomas Hazel. Security analysts have long been challenged to keep up with growing volumes of increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks, but their struggles have recently grown more acute. Only 46% of security operations leaders are satisfied with their team’s ability to detect threats, and 82% of decision-makers report that their responses to threats […]

Rethink Cloud Security with DevSecOps

Click to learn more about author Pratik Mistry. Security management inside the limits of the corporate organization can be perplexing: Security hazards are evaluated, and controls and countermeasures are concocted to lessen the dangers to a manageable level and cost. This is the definition of DevSecOps (short for development, security, and operations). All in all, […]

Your Office Data Should Work as Hard as Your Employees

Click to learn more about author Zach Dunn. Before the pandemic, many organizations pushed back on remote work because they feared productivity would plummet if workers had the freedom to dictate where and when they worked. You can see the vestiges of this thinking during Goldman Sachs’ recent mandate that employees return to the office by June […]

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