5 Traps to Avoid in AI Transformation

Running out of budget. Economic calamity. Global pandemic. The risks to our AI initiatives are, literally, all around us. Some of them we cannot control, but some we can. In this piece, we’ll review and assess some of the most common mistakes practitioners make that lead to suboptimal or significantly delayed transformation processes. It’s worth […]

Please Consider Your Business Users When Selecting an Analytics and Data Search Tool

Business users are business professionals who have expertise in an industry or market arena or perform a function to support the ongoing operation of the business – professionals who may be front-line workers on a production line, finance professionals, sales representatives, non-profit office workers, medical researchers, middle managers, regional managers for retail chains, transportation dispatchers, […]

Getting to AI Adoption at Scale

Everyone wants to increase the adoption of their AI programs, but there are several “chicken and egg” problems to overcome: How do we get the resources to build out the technical infrastructure required to use AI at scale, when we have not proven the value yet? How do we create a culture of data-driven decision-making […]

Data Governance Trends and Dreams

Four years ago, in a fit of naivete, I decided to write a book about Data Governance. I wasn’t naïve about Data Governance – I was naïve about what that book would bring about. But, first, some background.  After I left my corporate gig, I did a state-of-the-state in the data industry to get a broader understanding […]

How Analytics Consumers and Data Experts Can Come Together to Close Insights Gaps

Data is critical to empowering businesses to make decisions that translate into boosted bottom lines. However, a recent NewVantage survey found that only 24% of the workforce is confident in their ability to read, work with, and analyze data. As a result, many organizations depend on data experts to obtain relevant insights that inform decision-making, which reinforces silos that separate […]

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