Self-Service Data Without Chaos

Information is power, and the ability to put information into the hands of those who can quickly act on it separates the leaders from the laggards in any market. Everyone in an organization – from HR professionals leveraging data to dictate hiring decisions to brand managers leveraging data for pricing optimization – benefits from analytics. […]

10 Ways to Enhance Your Data Analysis Skills

In our increasingly data-driven world, the ability to analyze data has become a valuable skill. Data analysis skills empower us to make informed decisions, uncover hidden patterns, and extract meaningful insights.  With the demand for professionals skilled in data analysis on the rise, acquiring these abilities is more important than ever.  In this article, we will […]

Becoming Data-Driven Without a Data Analyst

Data analysts are an important part of modern business, and this article will not argue otherwise. But it will argue that not every company, department, and team needs a data analyst to become data-driven. Before being hired as senior product manager of a data integration platform, I had little experience working directly with data tools. But I knew […]

Data Mesh: A Pit Stop on the Road to a Data-Centric Culture

The noble effort to build a “data-centric” culture is really a journey, not a destination. With that perspective, we can understand that no matter how good a given environment seems to be –especially compared to whatever existed before – there’s always room for enhancement. As more technologies, strategies, and disciplines emerge, the ongoing evolution ensures constant improvement. […]

Solving the Cloud Skills Shortage Through DEI

The U.S. labor shortage has stubbornly persisted, with tech being one of the most affected industries. This is not necessarily due simply to the lack of candidates but to the lack of highly skilled candidates. As demand for cloud services grows, finding certified cloud-native engineers to support this demand continues to be challenging for some of […]