The Changing Role of the Chief Data Officer

In a 2005 interview, Usama Fayyad described his recent appointment as Yahoo’s chief data officer (CDO), a role that had been introduced in the business world only a few years prior. He defined a CDO as: “Someone to lead all strategic data activities and to represent data as a strategic asset that DRIVES business and […]

Fundamentals of Data Collaboration

Data collaboration allows organizations to gain insights beyond what their data provides. By sharing information smartly and selectively with partners, companies can uncover new opportunities and insights beyond their internal repository. Moreover, the emergence of large language models (LLMs) applications  – like Chat GPT – and cloud technologies, make this approach more attractive. As businesses become […]

Cloud Computing vs. Data Security

Cloud computing has, in recent years, become both an essential service used in many industries and a ubiquitous part of the daily lives of consumers. By offering remote access to computing services that can be rented out on a flexible, efficient, as-needed basis, it gives companies access to greater computer power and storage capabilities than […]

Data Integrity: What It Is and Why It Matters

The term “garbage in, garbage out,” or GIGO, dates back to the earliest days of commercial computing in the mid-20th century. Yet the concept was present more than 100 years earlier at the very dawn of computing. When Charles Babbage first described his difference engine, a member of Parliament asked him whether the machine could generate […]

Women in Data: Meet BetterAI CEO Angel Vossough

The latest installment in our Q&A series with women leaders in data features Angel Vossough, CEO and co-founder of BetterAI. (Read our previous Q&A here.)  Angel Vossough spent over a decade working as a network engineer before she founded her first startup, a data-driven company that helped female professionals excel in their careers. During COVID-19, Vossough […]

Data Ethics 101

The term “data ethics” refers to a set of guidelines that ensure data collection, use, and management processes respect privacy and security while safeguarding fairness. This includes considering the implications of data collection methods, the transparency of algorithms used to process information, and how decisions based on data analysis might affect individuals and communities.  What […]

Change Management Skills for Data Leaders

Change management skills have never been more crucial, given the ever-evolving business landscape. At the heart of effective leadership lies the ability to navigate through change, not only by adapting oneself but also by guiding teams and organizations toward successful transformation. The role of a leader transcends mere operational adjustments; it encompasses inspiring and motivating others […]

Women in Data: Meet Deloitte CDO Dr. Adita Karkera

The latest installment in our Q&A series with women leaders in data features Dr. Adita Karkera, chief data officer (CDO) of government and public services at Deloitte. (Read our previous Q&A here.)  Dr. Adita Karkera discovered her love for data as a database administrator for the State of Arkansas. Over the next two decades, she dedicated […]