Why the Slowdown of Kryder’s Law Spells Urgency for Sustainable Archival Storage

Kryder’s Law, named after Mark Kryder – the former SVP of research at Seagate Technology – is an observation comparable to Moore’s Law but specifically related to the area of magnetic disk storage. It posits that the density of information stored on magnetic disks is increasing exponentially, doubling approximately every 18 months. Kryder’s Law, much like Moore’s […]

How to Ensure Data Quality and Consistency in Master Data Management

In the digital age, organizations increasingly rely on data for strategic decision-making, making the management of this data more critical than ever. This reliance has spurred a significant shift across industries, driven by advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), which thrive on comprehensive, high-quality data. This evolution underscores the importance of master […]

Unveiling the ROI Dilemma: How Data Blind Spots Impact Asset Owners’ Bottom Line

In today’s fast-moving investment world, corporate and insurance asset owners are operating in the dark, hindered by the absence of a standardized industry benchmark for an overall asset performance assessment. Asset owners usually have many other responsibilities beyond managing portfolio strategies, affecting their ability to allocate time to comprehensively evaluate and optimize the performance of […]

Keeping Cloud Data Costs in Check

Cloud data workloads are like coffee: They come in many forms and flavors, each with different price points. Just as your daily cappuccino habit will end up costing you dozens of times per month what you’d spend to brew Folgers every morning at home, the way you configure cloud-based data resources and run queries against […]

Answers for the IT Skills Gap

Consider these statistics: 75% of IT decision-makers have reported gaps in the skill sets of their IT staff – and this is a 145% increase over the past seven years, reported Skillsoft. Six in 10 large enterprises reported a skills gap, according to the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA).  Globally, the shortage of qualified IT professionals was […]

The AI Trust Gap: A Psychological Perspective

Only 52% of employees are confident their organization will ensure AI is implemented in a responsible and trustworthy way, according to Workday’s Closing the AI Trust Gap report. Trust will be key to getting employees engaged in the change needed to realize AI’s full potential. In my last post I looked at what can be done from a cultural perspective. In this […]