4 Data Privacy Best Practices

Data privacy is at the heart of every prominent security threat – what are the top best practices for keeping data private? Some of the major cyber security challenges in 2023 are ransomware, hacking of cloud service vendors, and wiper malware. During ransomware attacks, bad actors obtain or encrypt sensitive information. The victims are urged to pay […]

Automated Vulnerability Detection: Mitigate Fraud and Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Defense

Cyberattacks are now a severe threat to organizations leveraging cutting-edge technology in the digital-first world. Whether phishing or malware attacks, cybercriminals increasingly exploit sensitive business information and customer identities. And what’s more worrisome is that the conventional cybersecurity architecture seems impotent against advanced attacks, since attackers are finding new ways to breach a network. Hence, there’s […]

How Analysts Leverage Creativity to Gain Powerful Insights from Alternative Data

Creativity is critical to producing superior results in any field, whether it’s the arts, sciences, or technology. The same can be said for alternative data analysis.  The most successful data scientists apply creativity by thinking out of the box when analyzing information to solve challenging problems or understand human behavior. From investment decisions to public policy and […]

7 Best Practices for Data Collection in 2023

Digital procedures play an important role in modern business, as they generate lots of valuable information that can be used to improve organizations and advance their goals. Thus, in 2023, website data collection will be a staple for most growing firms in various industries. However, as with any craft, there are bad, good, and better ways to collect website […]

Why Good Data Management Matters Now More Than Ever

In the early days of business analysis and underwriting, data was managed with simply a pen and paper and, of course, Excel spreadsheets. As technology has advanced, databases, warehouses, and data lakes have enabled information to be collected, stored, and managed electronically. But as businesses have rapidly increased the volume, velocity, and variety of data […]

Driving Digital Transformation in the Insurance Industry: Embracing AI-Powered Solutions

The insurance industry has witnessed a significant shift in recent years as technological advancements continue to transform traditional business models. From underwriting to claims management, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have paved the way for innovative solutions that improve efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. One such breakthrough is the emergence of AI-powered solutions such […]