Data Ethics 101

Data ethics ensures that businesses handle data – beginning with its acquisition and ending with its distribution – with full attention to individual rights, privacy, and consent. Moreover, ethical decision-making in businesses has to strike a balance between technology and morality to preserve individual rights.  This includes considerations around transparency, accountability, and fairness in the […]

The Future of Insurance: A Business Analyst’s Insight into Emerging Trends and Technologies

The insurance industry is undergoing a revolution, mainly driven by the application of advanced emerging technologies. The application and installation of new technologies enable a better future for our industry, where customers will receive maximum efficiency, security, and flexibility. Here, we address the major technologies and trends that influence this transition, shedding light on their […]

Why Effective Data Management is Key to Meeting Rising GenAI Demands

OpenAI’s ChatGPT release less than two years ago launched generative AI (GenAI) into the mainstream, with both enterprises and consumers discovering new ways to use it every day. For organizations, it’s unlocking opportunities to deliver more exceptional experiences to customers, enabling new types of applications that are adaptive, context-aware, and hyper-personalized. While the possibilities are […]

Enhancing Cloud Security in Response to Growing Digital Threats

Organizations increasingly rely on cloud services to improve operations and promote innovation. This spike in use has increased cyberattacks targeting cloud settings, emphasizing the necessity for strong cloud security. Recent incidents demonstrate the issue’s severity. In April, AT&T announced that a data breach impacted 51 million customers after a hacking forum exposed their personal information. Home Depot […]