Informatica Demo: Bring Your Customer Data to Life with Informatica’s Intelligent MDM SaaS 

  Download the slides here>> Informatica’s MDM and 360 Applications offer an all-in-one approach to master data management. Built on Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud, a cloud-native platform and modern microservices-based architecture powered by AI, Informatica helps organizations address key business initiatives around customer experiences, digital commerce, supply chain optimization, finance data management, and more. […]

Semarchy Demo: Improving ROI and Collaboration with Semarchy’s Unified Data Platform

  Download the slides here>> With Semarchy’s unified data platform, organizations can rapidly generate business value from their data. Our unified platform enables organizations of any size, to quickly discover, govern, manage, integrate, and report critical information scattered across applications for better business insights. Hear how 80% of our clients measure ROI in under 10 […]

Innovative Systems Demo: Unlock the Full Potential of Your CRM by Improving Data Quality

  Download the slides here>> To realize the benefits of better customer service, increased sales, and improved customer retention that CRM systems can provide, companies must work with data that is free from duplicates, misplaced information, and formatting errors. Poor quality data leads to incorrect conclusions, misinformed decision making, and unhappy customers, yet many companies […]