Stardog Demo: Unlock the Power of Your Data Lake with an Enterprise Knowledge Graph

Download slides here>> Companies have struggled to gain value from data lakes. They require extensive preparation and coding to make data accessible and queryable, making them prohibitively expensive and slow for analytics. As a result, data and analytics teams spend the bulk of their time wrestling data problems vs. delivering analytic insights, costing organizations billions […]

Datablau Demo: Modern Data Modeling Platform – From Data Modeling to Data Catalog

Download slides here>> Taking the right architectural approach to data governance can build a strong foundation for trusted data throughout the enterprise. An agile Data modeling management is proactive standardize increment schema designs, preventing data governance costly.  Integrate data modeling and development, landing business glossary to data model, review data model in each iteration and […]

Sisense Demo: The Dashboard Paradox – Breaking the Adoption Barrier with Infused Insights

Download slides here>> It’s time to think differently about data and analytics strategies. While many organizations have progressed from relying on static reports generated by IT teams to using some version of a self-service model, most still struggle to reap the world-changing benefits long-promised by experts. Unfortunately, each evolution has delivered only incremental improvements over […]

Innovative Systems Demo: Achieving High-Quality Enterprise Data in a Fraction of the Time and Effort

Download slides here>> An organization’s data typically grows at a rate of 40% to 60% per year, with myriad data-oriented initiatives to go with it. Proper data quality is the bedrock of any successful data-oriented business initiative, from data governance and analytics to digital transformations and migrations. It can be a daunting challenge to understand […]

Ataccama Demo: Preparing for Enterprise Data Fabric – Metadata Driven Approach to Data Quality

Download slides here>> With the emergence of Enterprise Data Fabrics and Data Meshes, Data quality is becoming more important than ever before. This opens new unique challenges and opportunities. Ataccama has perfected massively scalable Data Quality implementations for the last decade and developed metadata-driven methodologies to address the challenges emerging from ever-changing and growing data […]