Webinar: Accelerate Data Product Delivery

Download the slides here>> This webinar is sponsored by: About the Webinar High-value data use cases should be iterative, effective and simple to implement. For example, anyone in your organization should be able to request a new data product that contains data, reports, and even an AI model without having to go through a time-consuming […]

Collibra Demo: Make Data-Driven Decisions With Collibra Data Quality & Observability

Download the slides here >> Modern stacks are complicated, making it hard to keep track of data quality.   Luckily, there’s a solution. Collibra Data Quality & Observability monitors data quality and data pipeline reliability to help you rapidly remediate anomalies.  Join Hariprasad Ashwene, Senior Sales Engineer, at Collibra, to see how Collibra Data Quality […]

Precisely Demo: Data Quality Strategies: Confident Decision Making in an AI-Driven World

Download the slides here >> The acceleration of AI adoption impacts how businesses make decisions. Every organization leveraging AI’s capabilities requires quality data that is accurate, trustworthy, and fit for purpose. This webinar dives into the data quality strategy built for this future and what specific attributes to consider when implementing a data quality solution. […]

Soda Demo: Getting Control on Data Quality

Download the slides here >> Meet Janet and Eric, embodying the roles of a data consumer and data engineer, as they navigate the complexities of ensuring data reliability and quality through real-world scenarios and hands-on examples.  They’ll showcase how Soda empowers data teams to proactively identify, prevent, and resolve data quality issues. From testing and […]

ADV Webinar: Architecting a Modern Data Platform

Download the slides here>> This webinar is sponsored by: About the Webinar Organizations require a comprehensive enterprise data cloud platform to modernize applications and utilize machine learning. This research-based session will discuss the components of modern enterprise data stacks, such as dedicated compute, storage, data integration, and streaming, and focus on total cost of ownership. […]