Denodo Demo: Data Self Service for Data Democratization 

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Data Self Service for Data Democratization is an important part of any organization’s data strategy today. It fosters a data-driven culture, encouraging collaboration and innovation across departments and functions. Moreover, it can reduce the workload and pressure on IT and data teams, allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks. 

With an increasing range of complexities and diversity of data sources, formats and structure, it has become a challenge to standardize, transform and integrate the data easily and make it fit for use for all non-technical users.  

Tune in to learn how Denodo’s Data Catalog powered by Logical Data Fabric: 

  • Enables access to all the data along with the metadata through a single pane of glass.  
  • Helps business users to express their query in Natural Language (integrated with OpenAI) to get a response with the data they need. 
  • Enables last mile data preparation and collaboration on the quality of the data by users without needing to write SQL based queries. 

We hope to see you at the next DATAVERSITY Demo Day – Data Catalog on October 16, 2024! Register to join us. Check out all upcoming DATAVERSITY Demo Days here.