Couchbase Adds Generative AI Capabilities to Database-as-a-Service Platform

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According to a new press release, Couchbase, a leading cloud database platform company, has unveiled a groundbreaking feature called Capella iQ within its database-as-a-service offering, Couchbase Capella™. Capella iQ integrates generative AI capabilities to empower developers to create modern applications more efficiently and expeditiously. The tool enables developers to harness natural language processing to swiftly generate SQL++ code and application-level code, along with recommended sample code. This innovation addresses the challenges that developers face in managing the complete application lifecycle, enhancing their productivity and expediting time-to-market for applications. The AI-driven Capella iQ aids in code generation, dataset creation, and unit testing, and offers advice on various programming aspects, thus elevating developer productivity and the overall quality of the applications developed.

Capella iQ’s introduction comes alongside additional updates to Couchbase Capella, all geared toward augmenting the developer experience and streamlining operations. By incorporating generative AI into their database-as-a-service, Couchbase aims to accelerate innovation and enable developers to efficiently build contemporary apps. This transformative feature is set to significantly impact developer productivity, allowing them to focus on innovation and application development.

Couchbase’s overarching goal is to simplify application development for modern architectures, a mission that aligns well with the integration of AI capabilities. The company’s multi-model cloud database platform, Capella, is tailored for next-gen applications, ranging from predictive analytics to AI-driven functionalities. With the introduction of Capella iQ and the announcement of the Couchbase AI Accelerate Partner Program, Couchbase positions itself as a robust player in the AI application space, empowering developers to build AI-powered applications while fostering a vibrant AI partner ecosystem.


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