Data Theorem Launches Continuous Dynamic Runtime Vulnerability Inspection

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A recent press release reports, “Data Theorem, Inc., a leading provider of modern application security, today introduced a new SPA security service that delivers automated discovery and continuous dynamic runtime vulnerability inspection of modern web single-page applications (SPAs). Purpose-built for SPAs, the new service is differentiated in its runtime security analysis that supports both GraphQL and REST API services, the popular services for SPAs that dynamically deliver a faster and richer web user experience. With DevOps teams rapidly building web SPAs, security and IT teams using traditional web app scanners lack the ability to gather application insights and inspect for security vulnerabilities on these new modern web apps. Now with this new offering from Data Theorem, for the first time users can fully discover and inspect vulnerabilities with dynamic runtime analysis for both GraphQL and REST API services.”

The release goes on, “Businesses today delivering modern web applications build SPAs to deliver a richer and faster user experience that is similar to what they deliver with their mobile apps. Similar to mobile app protection, traditional web app scanners lack the ability to add security insights to SPAs because of the dynamic nature of the SPA JavaScript architecture. In addition, GraphQL adds a new attack surface due to the enhanced flexibility it provides, making it difficult to protect against malicious queries. These attack queries could lead to denial of service attacks, or unauthorized access to private data.”

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