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According to a new press release, has announced an integration with Snowflake, a data cloud company, to provide new data quality metrics and measurement capabilities to enterprises. As one of the first data catalogs to support Snowflake’s data quality metrics,’s Snowflake Collector allows enterprise data teams to measure data quality across their organization on-demand. This integration aims to streamline data quality assurance processes, traditionally reliant on manual oversight, and accelerate data-first initiatives. By delivering Snowflake data quality metrics directly to customers, helps enhance trust in data quality and downstream analytics, supporting mission-critical applications, data-driven decision-making, and AI initiatives.

Concerns about data quality remain a top priority for chief data officers, and the integration addresses this by providing greater transparency and trust in data. Users can access contextual information in the catalog or tools like Tableau and PowerBI through Hoots,’s embedded trust badges that communicate data health status and catalog context. The collaboration also enables teams to link certification and DataOps workflows to Snowflake’s data quality metrics, automating manual workflows and quality alerts. The integration builds on the existing collaboration between and Snowflake, offering joint customers exclusive benefits, including streamlined adoption timelines and an attractive pricing model.

According to Jeff Hollan, director of product management at Snowflake, data trust is crucial, and the collaboration with allows data teams to verify and trust their data’s quality for mission-critical applications and analytics. Bryon Jacob, CTO at, emphasizes the importance of ensuring high-quality data for enterprise AI ambitions, stating that the integration with Snowflake helps deliver clean, consistent, and contextual data for AI and analytics applications. The offering is available to all enterprise customers using the Snowflake Collector and those taking advantage of the Snowflake-only offering.