DMBoK and CDMP Preparation Learning Plan

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Learning Plan Price: $1,599
Individual Course Price: $159
Learning Plan CEUs: 20 hours

The DMBoK and CDMP® Preparation Learning Plan addresses all of the Information Management disciplines as defined in the international industry standard, the DAMA International Data Management Body of Knowledge (DMBoK®).  In each course, instructor Christopher Bradley (a CDMP fellow) provides a solid foundation of the different information disciplines across the complete DMBoK spectrum. This 12-course Learning Plan offers more than 20 hours of instructional video material, as well as practice quizzes, and final exams for each course.

This plan provides a comprehensive exploration of the scope of Data Management as a whole, and therefore is an excellent resource for organizations and individuals wishing to gain more extensive knowledge of the disciplines covered in the DMBoK.

By utilizing this Learning Plan as preparation for the DAMA International Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) exams, students will gain a firm understanding of a broad range of concepts and be able to explain the practical application of them throughout various industry examples.  

This Learning Plan introduces students to the different levels of the CDMP certification and helps students consolidate their existing knowledge by reinforcing Data Management topics contained in the CDMP syllabus at all levels. 

The DAMA International-endorsed Learning Plan was developed by DATAVERSITY, DAMA International, and Christopher Bradley, the VP of Professional Development at DAMA.

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Each Course Includes:

  • A 1-hour to 2.5-hour educational training video
  • An 11- to 18-question final practice exam for each course
  • A 5- to 11-question in-course practice test, where each question is discussed in detail by the instructor at the end of each course video
  • Multiple “check for understanding” practice quizzes throughout each course
  • Materials made available for download once the exam has been completed
  • Self-paced and on-demand e-learning
  • Unlimited course access

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Courses within the DMBoK and CDMP Preparation Learning Plan:

  1. The Data Management Process, DMBoK, and Overview of the CDMP Certification
  2. Data Governance (Including Data Ethics)
  3. Data Quality Management
  4. Master and Reference Data Management
  5. Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Management (Including Big Data)
  6. Data Modeling
  7. Metadata Management
  8. Data Architecture and Lifecycle Management
  9. Data Security Management
  10. Document and Content Management
  11. Data Storage and Operations Management
  12. Data Integration and Interoperability

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