Extreme First Networking Company to Offer Unlimited Data

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A new press release reports, “Extreme Networks, Inc., a cloud-driven networking company, today announced it is the first to offer “unlimited data” to its cloud customers. Beginning July 1, all new ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot subscribers will have access to unlimited data for the lifetime of their subscriptions. Existing ExtremeCloud IQ subscribers will be upgraded to unlimited data in this calendar year. Extreme’s unlimited data offering sets a new standard for access to cloud data and insights that is unmatched in the industry. The cloud management competitive landscape for data retention: Current standard – 30 Days: all competitors; New standard – Unlimited: only Extreme Networks.”

The release goes on, “The benefits of unlimited data duration: (1) With unlimited data, customers gain unprecedented access to historical data to inform future planning via a single, centralized management tool. (2) A long-term data lookback doubles the comparison intervals from minute, hour, day and week by adding month, quarter, season and year – delivering long sought after mid-and long-term operational comparisons. For example, a retailer can review data from Black Fridays year-over-year and make strategic decisions that result in increased sales this year. Or a stadium can leverage precise data and insights from previous events over multiple years to inform new investments in fan experience. (3) Unlimited data sets drive increased machine learning accuracy and the precision of artificial intelligence actions. This results in insights and outcomes that increase efficacy and reduce risk while differentiating through operational efficiency.”

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