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IBM Expands Cloud Security and Compliance Center for Enhanced Data Protection

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According to a new press release, IBM has expanded its Cloud Security and Compliance Center to offer a suite of modernized cloud security and compliance solutions, addressing the growing need for enterprises to protect data and mitigate risks across their hybrid and multicloud environments. This expansion includes the introduction of the IBM Cloud Security and Compliance Center Data Security Broker, developed in collaboration with Baffle, Inc., which provides data encryption and anonymization technology to safeguard sensitive data in business applications and AI workloads.

The move comes in response to a survey revealing that over 77% of global business leaders have adopted hybrid cloud approaches, but many still have concerns about security and compliance. IBM aims to help clients continuously monitor and manage security and compliance across their cloud environments, not limited to IBM Cloud. The new solution suite extends beyond compliance posture management, encompassing application-level security to meet evolving global regulations.

The expanded IBM Cloud Security and Compliance Center also offers enhanced cloud security posture management, workload protection, and infrastructure entitlement management to safeguard hybrid, multicloud environments. It includes workload protection capabilities prioritizing vulnerability management, such as container threat detection using advanced machine learning and behavioral analysis. Additionally, the suite provides intelligent automation technology for faster secured cloud adoption and visibility into third- and fourth-party risk posture. Future enhancements will include expanded compliance capabilities.

This expansion aligns with IBM’s mission to help clients protect their workloads and sensitive data in hybrid, multicloud environments, and the IBM Cloud Security and Compliance Center is generally available with additional partner integrations.

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